About Us

Sutra Story

The power of social media turning into tangible reality.

For three years, SUTRA ® proved its presence in the youth clothing industry via various innovative designs, topnotch quality fabrics and creative marketing strategies and techniques.

These factors led to the opening of SUTRA's first store. The opening created such a big boom with an unpredicted hype in the clothing market and attracted a great number of customers as a result of astonishing efforts of teamwork.

SUTRA ® continued to flourish so that two more stores were opened in two different cities within one year.

SUTRA ®, consequently, is a youth fashion brand that is ultimately different from any other.

For, our teams of design and manufacture, who are rather delicate, worked out the complicated equation of modern design and unique dressing all against an affordable price.

Very proud that SUTRA ® is founded and running by engineers!